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Available Studio Pieces Currently in Stock

Select from available studio pieces currently in stock. Choose from figurative, impressionistic and primitive styles in granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and soapstone. The size of the finished work is usually governed by the viewing context, and finished weights can be 10 to 100 pounds or over 1 ton. The studio is located only minutes from London Ontario and is easily accessible from Hwy 401 or Hwy 402. Contact Chris for a tour.

No-charge Initial Consultation and Quotes

Chris is available for initial consultations Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.


Phone 519 281-2790.

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Fox & Trout. Soapstone sculpture.
Fox & Trout Soapstone.
Daphne and Apollo. Limestone sculpture. 22in x 14in x 71/2in.
Daphne & Apollo Limestone, SOLD.
Identity. Limestone sculpture. 20in x 12in x 10in
Empress Limestone, lifesize.
Conception. Limestone sculpture. Lifesize.
Conception Limestone, lifesize.
Empress. Limestone sculpture. 20in x 12in x 10in
Identity Limestone, lifesize.
Asrat, Young Rottweiler. Limestone sculpture.
Asrat, Young Rottweiler Limestone.
Woman. Limestone bas relief. 30in x 9in.
Woman Limestone. SOLD.
Claudius and Messalina. Limestone sculpture. 24x18x12in. SOLD. A photo of the sculpture.
Claudius & Messalina SOLD.
Garden stone. White calcite. Lifesize. $150.
Garden stone. White calcite. SOLD.
Torso. Brazilian soapstone sculpture. Lifesize. SOLD. A photo of the sculpture.
Torso Brazilian soapstone. SOLD.
East Wind. Garden stone
East Wind Garden stone. SOLD.
Young Lynx. Limestone sculpture. 2 x lifesize.
Young Lynx Limestone. SOLD.
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