About Chris

Large stone sculpture.
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About Christ Beaudry

Residential / Commercial Hard Landscapes Since 1984

Chris Beaudry, a photoChris Beaudry has worked with designers and architects, horticulturists and stonemasons building residential and commercial hard landscapes since 1984. He studied Construction Engineering Technology at Fanshawe College in London (1980-83) before starting his own landscape construction business where he developed and refined his stone masonry and carpentry skills.

In the last decade his exposure to native Canadian artists and art has led him to produce decorative stonework and sculpture from his own studio. Chris has developed a "hands on" class of abilities and a unique approach to design and construction that enables him to create customized home and garden features and studio art for his clients.

No-charge Initial Consultation and Quotes

Chris is available for initial consultations Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.


Phone 519 281-2790.


Email chris@chrisbeaudry.com.

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